Day two – Boris Bikes

Today was another early start, I got to Makers for about 8:30 and just had breakfast and a bit of a play around on my laptop.

We have two one hour lectures on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and todays was all about Agile and TDD (test driven development) two things that Makers Academy are really passionate about. Agile principles are something I really agree with and TDD, well I agree with it but I’m going to have to get used to the strange concept of purposely making my tests fail before I can make them pass!

The really cool thing is that they record all of their lectures so you can go back and watch them later. I find this so helpful as sometimes I find it hard to grasp all the concepts I am being taught first time, and also this means I don’t have to take notes so I can focus my full attention on the lecture.

We then did our first pair programming which is at the heart of Makers. I was pairing with Carrie who is Canadian. Our challenge was to write a basic program for Boris Bikes which would release bikes, dock bikes, know if a bike was broken, fix them etc. As this was our first challenge there was a walkthrough but it was still sufficiently challenging as we had to try very hard to understand every little thing.

coding awayI’m not sure we completely did the whole pair programming thing the way we were meant too… Rather than have a driver/navigator, we sort of ‘pair collaborated,’ reading through the code together, making sure we understood it and then both typing it on our machines.

In the afternoon I did yoga for the first time! It’s organised by Dana who is the ‘Chief Joy Officer.’ Great title hey? She is responsible for generally keeping everybody happy and runs yoga, meditation and shouts at us when we are working too late on a Friday night. 🙂 To be honest I found yoga pretty hard as I’m not very flexible and I was wearing tight jeans at the time. Apparently if I keep it up, I will become more flexible over time!

I stayed coding till 8 but by then I was starting to get ‘brain mush’ and didn’t feel that I would be any more productive so I called it a night. One annoying thing is that it takes 45 minutes to get home so by the time I call it quits and my brain is fried, I still have nearly an hours journey to look forward to.

Still, I can’t wait to get in early tomorrow and get my teeth stuck into it again!





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