Day Three

Today was more of Boris Bikes…I already know that every time I see a Boris Bike docking station I’m either going to have a breakdown or smash every single bike to bits!!!!!! Not that I’m not enjoying myself mind you, it’s just that I feel that all I ever think is bike, station, dock, broken_bike, Van, working_bike!

boris bikes
Boris & those bikes

We started off with a Q&A with the seniors (the cohort above us) which I found really useful. They spoke about how we shouldn’t worry if we don’t quite get everything that we are learning in that current week. It always feels like you are running ahead with the code knowledge one week behind you – as soon as you start a new week, the things you learnt last week will begin to click.

Next was a lecture on classes and objects with a bit of a refresher on instance variables. I’m pretty sure I’ve got them, I just get a bit confused when I have to integrate them into the project that I’m working on. We also learnt about ‘doubles’ which sort of work as placeholders for a class. Very useful when you want to work on a particular part of your program but you need it to interact with a part that you haven’t created yet. Um. If you see what I mean?

I paired with Vanessa today and it was a bit of an eye opener. Basically I thought I knew what I was doing and hey! It turns out that I don’t! It’s all fair and well to work through a walkthrough and think that you understand what it’s doing and why it’s doing it but when you actually have to write it from scratch yourself, well then you realise you have absolutely no clue about what you’re doing!

It wasn’t so much the program itself. It was writing the RSPEC tests that got me. I know what I want it to do but how to tell it that? Nope. No idea. I can’t seem to get my head around the syntax one bit.

I was then brought down even more when Vanessa and I asked Jordan for some help and he pointed out that there was something weird going on with our code. We hadn’t either included a class or used a double so our tests shouldn’t be passing. For some reason (which I still don’t understand), they were passing as we were testing multiple files together, but if we tested just the individual file it would fail. And even if we included the class IT STILL WASN’T WORKING. 😦

After a few more hours we got our docking station class passing and tried to work a bit more on our van. By about 7:30 I was hitting a wall of frustration and decided that I just had to call it a night.


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