Day Five – Airport Challenge

Wow, a week has flown by already. Time flies when you’re coding! (Seriously, it does).

Today started with an introduction to our weekend challenge which was similar to our Boris Bikes challenge – we would be creating an airport and a plane. The plane had to have a ‘flying status’ when in the air, had to be able to land at an airport, the airport had to have a maximum capacity, blah, blah, blah all that stuff. The twist however was that we had to create a ‘random number generator’ that would return a weather state of either ‘sunny’ or ‘stormy.’ And the planes weren’t allowed to take off if it was stormy.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 22.50.50Can you believe THE Boris Johnson was thanking us for our hard work? 😉

I spent part of the morning working on this before heading out for lunch. I’ve been trying to bring in a packed lunch everyday as obviously I have to save money and I know how much a few quid can add up everyday. It’s been a bit boring this week (pasta, pasta, pasta) so I’ve decided that every Friday is going to be ‘treat day’ and I will go out for lunch. Luckily this being London, there are plenty of places to go – Spitalfields market is just down the road, Brick Lane is the street behind us and Petticoat Lane is a few minutes walk away, so that’s where I went for some tasty Pad Thai noodles!

After lunch was ‘Code Jam.’ This involves splitting into teams and being given coding challenges which you have 15 minutes to solve. I was unsure about it as I didn’t think I performed well under pressure but actually it was quite fun and I learned some new things!

After that one of the coaches Roi took us through how to set up a development environment on our computers, I found out a few tips and learnt about some cool programs.

The rest of the day was dedicated to working on our weekend challenge. Shockingly I got most of it done apart from the weather part. It wasn’t all code, code, code however. Makers provides free beers on a Friday which is really cool so first we coded with beers (hmmm…productive) and then dropped the coding. A few of us Juniors stayed for a game or two of Ping Pong before moving onto the pub for a few more. A perfect end to the week!


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