Day Six

After a relaxing weekend, I felt so fresh and relaxed at the start of week two…. Um. No. I thought I had gotten my airport challenge working last night and it turned out that I didn’t and of course, I couldn’t let it go so I was up till about two trying to make it work. Even after that I had a bad nights sleep, so I wasn’t too pleased to be dragging myself out of bed at seven in the morning. Why did I have a bad nights sleep? Maybe it was because today was my first dum, dum, dum… CODE REVIEW!

Really it isn’t that big a deal – you sit down with a coach or an engineer and they have a 1-2-1 with you about your challenge code and how you feel you are doing. Still, the first one after you have only been properly writing code for a week is always going to be daunting. We were told in our morning session that slots were going fast because there weren’t enough available, but I managed to get the last one (thankfully the last one of the day).

This meant that I had the whole day to work on my code and pretty much rewrite my weather generator with some help from fellow cohort Carrie. My tests were passing but I knew there was something wrong as I couldn’t get it working as it should in IRB. (The interactive Ruby interpreter that lets you ‘play’ with your code).

My code review was with Leo, an engineer and it went okay. Yes my code was wrong but it was more of a syntax problem, I had the general idea right. Leo showed me how to get it right and then refactor it. Wow. I really got to see the beauty of refactoring. He took my code which consisted of three methods and around 10 lines and refactored it to one method and ONE LINE. Maybe I’m getting too much into this coding thing but it was like a thing of beauty happening before my eyes! We also had a bit of a chat about how I feel I’m doing in general, and I said that I felt I didn’t know as much as everybody else in the class. He reiterated the fact that everybody thinks that and bar a few people we are pretty much in the same place.

Something I took from today was something Sam (head of education) brought up when he was going over our feedback forms. Another member of our cohort had said that they wrote down what they had learnt that day, sort of to reaffirm it and to keep them positive about their learning experience. This is something I’m going to try myself, on paper and on this blog. So, to kick this off:

What I’ve learnt today:
– How to require files and make instances of classes on IRB so I can play with my code
– How to use Method Stubs
– How to get here if there is a signal failure on the Metropolitan Line 🙂


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