Day Seven – Beginning Battleships

Please forgive me if my posts start to become irregular and very short. When I was reading Makers blogs before I started, I noticed they seemed to follow a trend – post every day for the first week or so and then start missing out huge chunks of time, obviously a correlation between the course getting harder and the amount of time/mental energy they had to spare, and I can see that happening to me very soon…

Our week really kicked off today with the introduction of our second challenge ‘Battleships.’ Our task is to create our own version of the ship-destroying game while trying to adhere to the concept of SRP. For those unenlightened to the concept of SRP, as I was at the start of the week, a brief description. SRP stands for ‘single responsibility principle’ and it basically means that a class or module should only have one responsibility. One reason to change. If it has many, and a lot of other code is depending on it, when you have to make a change to one of the responsibilities you end up breaking half of your program and having to rewrite it.

battleships gameThis – BUT IN CODE

Anyway, end of code talk. As usual we had to do this project in pairs and I paired up with the lovely Julian. We spent most of the morning discussing the concepts of the program, how the classes would interact and what the responsibilities would be before blindly diving into the code and abandoning all of our careful planning. After our afternoon lecture on pair programming and ‘MVP’ (minimum viable product – make it small, make it work, then build it up), we took a step back and got ourselves back on track with ‘pigeon steps’ as Julian likes to put it and a few RSPEC tests thrown in for fun 🙂

In the afternoon we had a cohort catch-up with Dana our chief Joy Officer, which consisted of us sitting around on beanbags and talking about how we feel and what we were thankful for. I actually quite enjoyed it, sort of like group therapy for stressed coders. I was of course thankful for Riz’s Slack ‘train breakdown.’  The Feb cohort know what I’m talking about :p

I was definitely starting to feel stressed today, I’m finding it hard to know how to tackle big problems and how to take those first steps and to me Battleships is a big problem. I only hope that in the next few days everything will become clearer and start coming together. Sam the head of education shared a link with us today about ‘reflective practice‘ which I found very interesting, and it made me think that writing this blog is my very own form of reflective practice, a way to de-stress.

Talking of reflective practice we had some of our very own in the evening in the form of a drink down the local pub. It was only one mind you…which turned into two…and then three, all in the name of de-stressing of course! Happy developers make better developers 🙂 (Not so much the hungover ones though…)

fb dev
Web Developer Frape!

What I’ve learnt today:
– How to ping pong pair
– How to use CRC cards
– How one random word on Slack can make me cry laughing
– How 8kyu is easy on Codewars and 1kyu is hard, not the other way round, so no you’re not stupid Kate, though maybe you are for getting that confused


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