Day Eight – You sunk my ship :(

Imagine you were told you had to build a house. You’re not a builder. You barely know what a brick is, you have no idea how to mix cement. You aren’t even really sure what a house is. Maybe the roof goes on the bottom? What the hell is a wall?! But, you have to build it and you have to build it now, your future depends on it and oh, wait. Everybody around you seems to be getting on with building their house just fine. That’s exactly how I felt today – completely lost.

My problems started when my pairing partner wanted to work on his own for a while, which I thought would be fine, but upon being faced with a blank screen I realised that I literally had no idea where to start. I felt like the past week I had learnt nothing. So, yeah I had a bit of a bad day today – like last Wednesday? Hmmm, maybe this is a pattern emerging?

In other news we had lectures on class methods and blocks, procs and lambdas. I get blocks and procs so I guess it’s only lambdas to go woohoo! (I always think of a little lamb when I say lambdas ha!) I also did meditation for the first time which I really enjoyed. A little peace and quiet for 10 minutes, I can see it being a bit of a lifesaver!

Things I have learnt today:
– How to meditate
– Procs


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