Day Nine

We pretty much restarted Battleships again today as I think we were getting a bit confused about how the classes interacted and to keep in-line with SRP. I also had a bit of a talk with some of the guys in my cohort about how hard we were finding it and how we felt like we weren’t really learning anything because of everything that is thrown at us. It’s really uplifting to know that other people are feeling the same way as me.

It got me thinking about how sometimes you need to fail before you succeed and then that made me think of how life is a little bit like Rspec… Hmm, I think I’ve got too much code on the brain!

The evening was definitely an improvement however…Dana organised a movie night which consisted of us sitting on beans bags watching Kick-Ass, whilst eating popcorn and drinking red wine and beer. After that a huge group of us went to a bar in Spitalfields market. I love that Makers isn’t just about the hard work and coding. It’s also about having fun and looking after our wellbeing!

What I learnt today:
– How to make a Gem!


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