Day Ten

So here I am at the end of another week at Makers! And today was no ordinary day…nope, it was Friday the 13th! Unlucky for me? Apparently so…

I started it off with my first lie-in, getting in at a shocking 9:30 and I felt really guilty as I have so much to do. We started off by being introduced to the weekend challenge which consisted of two parts – rewrite the ‘inject’ method for the array class and write a takeaway app, which will be able to have a list of dishes with prices, be able to add to an order, calculate totals and send a text (yes, a real life text!) to a phone if the order is completed.

I got stuck into the inject rewrite as I thought the takeaway app was going to take a while and I wanted to wait till the weekend when I could really get my teeth stuck into it. The problem was that we hadn’t been introduced to this method yet and it took a good few hours to even work out what it does as it’s quite complicated. I quickly realised that it was going to be a lot harder than I realised and started to feel a bit stressed out. This wasn’t helped by the fact that I was starting to feel a little strange…a lot of people have been off with flu and even though I didn’t have a cough or sore throat, I was just feeling ‘off.’ Kind of achy and tired and I just couldn’t focus. This meant that I couldn’t stare at a computer screen for too long, so I distracted myself by heading out for lunch (definitely recommend the Katsu wraps from Petticoat Lane market!), having numerous cups of tea and chatting with various people.

It was one of these talks that led me to my later actions of the day…I sort of stumbled on two of my cohort sitting on beanbags having a bit of a heart to heart as one of them was feeling quite down and stressed. The things he was saying echoed just how I was feeling – stressed, not feeling like you’re learning anything and generally putting too much pressure on your self. Gabe (who I see as the ‘therapist’ of the group – he’s always there if you want to chat), was telling him that it’s so important not to put too much pressure on yourself and not to feel guilty if you’re not here 12 hours a day. We have enough pressure on us with these long days and so much to learn. Our weekends are taken up by challenges and even our commutes on the train are taken up by studying books.

It was then that I decided that I wasn’t going to stay late tonight. I know that Friday night is great as we all have a few beers and then go out to a pub but I really wasn’t feeling up to it. So I decided to leave at 5:45, go home, have a hot bath and just DO NO CODING. I sat there, on the sofa, watching Eastenders and catching up on the weeks t.v. and you know what? I didn’t feel guilty. Sometimes we really just need to take a step back and focus on ourselves and hopefully (fingers crossed, please, please, please!), everything will fall into place.

Things I learnt today:
-The Inject method
– To not feel guilty (This won’t last though!)


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