Day Eleven & Weekend Review

Wow. That’s all I can say. What a weekend. I knew it would be challenging but I didn’t realise quite how much. I had a bit of a lie-in on Saturday and started my takeaway app at 12. By 2’o’clock I was seriously starting to get stressed. I’ve probably said it before but I find it SO HARD TO JUST GET DAMN STARTED. I’ve just got no idea and I start to get filled with this sense of fear and dread. I end up working myself into a pure state of frustration which is obviously not going to help my situation. I tried to plan, tried to do CRC cards (Class, Responsibility, Collaboration – to help us map out what is happening) but even then I found that difficult. I worked on it till about 8 when I took a break for dinner and then decided to start the whole thing again as I realised I was going down the wrong route! After dinner I ended up working till midnight and went to bed tired and frustrated 😦 Sunday I worked on it from 11 and that evening I think I hit my lowest point so far. I really felt like I had no idea and my direction was all confused, none of my ideas seemed to mesh together. Nothing seemed to be working and I either wanted to throw my laptop against the wall or burst into tears. (There may have actually been tears). Thankfully I got it semi working by 1 in the morning and even got to do a little bit of the inject method. The good part was that I got the text message part working and received many, many texts to my phone telling me that my cereal would be with me soon. Yes I did a cereal takeaway app 🙂 No the cereal never turned up 😦 FullSizeRender 2 On Monday I arrived at eight to work some more on it and when I asked the first person I saw how they found the challenge, I got that knowing look and nervous laugh – turns out that pretty much everybody was tearing their hair out in frustration. It’s one of the few times that I’m happy to see people struggle, at least I know we’re all in the same boat! Monday didn’t bring much apart from trying a lecture on how we should have done our challenges and then trying to rewrite them. In the evening we met the March cohort for whom we will be mentors! This is crazy, we’ve only been doing this course for 2 weeks and now we’re going to have people asking us questions and coming to us for help! I’m so not ready for that. On a lighter note, Arfah who does marketing created some Valentines Day themed geeky coding memes. Some of them are quite funny and I thought I’d share my two favourites 😉 (although the second one is more creepy than love). enhanced-12788-1423504899-18-2 enhanced-31878-1423501678-2

What I’ve learnt today:
– A liitle bit of Sinatra (A framework)


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